I’m a Spanish teacher from Salamanca, Spain, but I’ve been living in Taipei for more than a decade. I have 10+ years of experience teaching students of all ages and backgrounds.

I love music, comics, tabletop games, movies, and, of course, football.



Minimum duration per session: 2 hours.

4 sessions will be paid and scheduled in advance.

Classes are held in the meeting spaces of The Happ (Gongguan and Guting).

Students may decide if they prefer to use a textbook or not.

StudentsPrice per hour / student
These prices correspond to 3-hour sessions, except for individual classes, which are calculated for 2-hour sessions. If you are interested in shorter classes, please contact me.



Minimum duration per session: 1 hour.

By default, we will use Google Meet. Let me know if you prefer another platform.

Classes can be canceled up to 24 hours prior to the starting time.

StudentsPrice per hour / student
4 (max.)250NT$

Improve your Spanish or learn from scratch

My classes focus on immersion: I try to use Spanish as much as possible, even with beginners. For this, I rely a lot on gestures, mimicry, and visual materials. In this way, even if the student does not understand every word, he immerses himself in the language and gets used to its sound.

Although it may sound very complicated, it is especially beneficial for beginners, since they begin to speak Spanish from the first class.

The courses follow the official DELE program, however, each student is different: It is not the same to study Spanish to travel than to pass an official exam. Students’ objectives will dictate how we approach the lessons and the materials we use.

I like to use gamification as a tool to fix concepts and review vocabulary. I use classic games adapted to the classroom and others that I have created myself.

But if you want to experience gamification at its best and you have an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish, you can try one of my tabletop role-playing game sessions for students. You will practice differently, playing the genre that you like the most: fantasy, science fiction, horror …